If you are looking for glowing, plumped up skin, look no further. Nurse Aaron has created a stellar facial ticking all the skincare rejuvenating boxes. It clarifies, promotes collagen production, minimises scarring, boosts hydration and gives you red carpet skin in 90 minutes flat.  All In the comfort of your own home. How? A mix of old school skin tricks including steam therapy and extractions with powerful techniques including Mesotherapy, Dermaplane, LED light therapy and pressure point massage will work in harmony to awaken the face and invigorate the skin. Expect to begin with Steam therapy to get the skin ‘breathing’ properly again followed by a relaxing Dermaplane where Nurse Aaron will remove the ‘peach fuzz’ and exfoliate the skin using a surgical scalpel which instantly makes your skin appear radiant and juicy. His series of massage movements work to de-puff and stimulate the skin by draining the lymphatic system and reducing excess fluids around the eyes. The muscle tissue has literally been taken from the sleeping state to the awake state with any stress, heaviness and tension removed from the face. Nurse Aaron will then administer a potent sequence of micro injections packed with skin boosting vitamins, minerals and amino acids which will work to supercharge radiance levels and rejuvenate dull and exhausted skin. The final layer is to have LED over the skin to supercharge healing.  This is a superstar at reviving and strengthening the skin, reducing acne and flushing toxins. End result? Skin is lifted, appears smoother, clearer and deeply hydrated. Red carpet ready.

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